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We are registered with the National Treasury Department of South African on their Central Supplier Database, and as such have a CSD Registration. This means that all State departments who can generate a National Treasury Department order number, are allowed to use us for all their Health and Safety Training and Consulting requirements. Thus all State departments in need of Health and Safety consulting services please feel free to contact us for a meeting.



Risk Assessments

Health & Safety

Consulting / System Implementation / System Monitoring

We can assist with consulting / system implementation / system monitoring. Services includes Compliance Audits, Risk Assessments, ISO Systems, SHE Compliance, SHE Safety and Site Safety Files, SHE Training and SHE needs analysis, OHSA etc.

Once -off service

Here we charge a once- off fee for a service, for example, a Baseline compliance audit, Risk assessment or, for example, a SHE needs analysis. We can also compile a once -off SHE contractor’s Safety file for use.

Contract Service Level Agreement

Here a term SLA is established whereby we visit the site for a set period of time to assist the site in obtaining their SHE compliance to the pre-set standard. This can be any number of days per month and is determined by the client needs..

Site Management

In some cases clients require us to run their Occupational Health and Safety on site on a contract basis. This usually entails the placing a SHE officer on site for a certain period of time, normally about 12months minimum. We then create, adjust, implement and roll out a complete Occupational Safety Management System to get the site to full compliance. In some instances the client keeps this service for prolonged periods of time. The benefit of this option is that our Company is then tasked to get the Occupational Safety System to the required standard. It also means that the site has the whole knowledge base of OSC to their disposal. The site is also visited once a month to ensure targets and objectives are met and that our performance is up to date at all times. The fee here is normally dictated by the qualifications the client set for the placement. This function can be applied for set workplaces or construction sites.

Electronic SHE management system

Under development


We can assist with Baseline / Legal Compliance audits, Insurance CRM audits, Insurance Risk audits, Regular audits according to SLA and Audit Protocol such as safety hazards, health hazards, environmental impact hazards etc.

Baseline/ Legal compliance audit – once off
We charge a once - off fee where a client wants us to perform a once- off audit to test the compliance and advise on their shortcomings.

Insurance CRM audit – once- off

In this task we do an audit according to the insurance CRM risk audit standard as a preparation exercise for the client to prepare for the real insurance risk audit.

Regular audits according to SLA

Some clients requires regular third party audits on certain frequencies to ensure there compliance. Here we then enter into a term SLA where we audit sites on frequencies determined by the client.

Audit protocol

We have an audit protocol covering all aspects of the system. This means we audit safety hazards, health hazards and environmental impact hazards. Once on site we do a baseline of all hazards covering all fields. We for example look at the environmental impact assessment and then align that with practice. Once the basics have been determined audit checklists are prepared to cover all aspects which is the monitored through the checklists on a daily basis. Any breaches is identified and then addressed effectively to ensure preventative management.


The OHSACT ACT 85/1993 requires a Contractor to do site documentation verification and Site Safety Audits for compliance verification at least once a month. We can assist with these category of audits as our CEO is a registered Health and Safety Construction Manager with the SACPCMP

Specialised Risk Assessments

We can assist with specialised risk assessments where we draw up risk assessments reports and fall protection planning etc. We also carry out specialised risk assessments. One example is delivery route risk assessments where we draw up a risk assessment report that is used to train drivers with. I am also a licenced Fall Protection Planner registered with the Institute for Working at Heights.

Construction Health & Safety Management

We are registered construction health and safety mangers and can assist with all your construction health and safety management for projects on a contract basis. We have a lot of experience in compiling SHE files for clients who need it for specific sites or projects at ESKOM, for example.